Better Enemies and Backgrounds!

Hello! Thanks for checking out our update. We are early in development and would love to hear your feedback on our project. This update includes some graphical improvements as well as some bug fixes for our enemies and level transitions. 

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New Gameplay Trailer

This gameplay trailer illustrates all of the features we have implemented so far in our demo. Let us know what you think! 

Better Backgrounds!

The latest version of Cultist Astronaut improves on the level backgrounds. Each area in the level now includes a parallaxing background that creates depth and detail. 

Check out the ships, landing docks, and fog in the ship hangar at the start of the Necrorock level:  

Check out the many layers of mountains spanning the horizon out in the wastes: 

Improved Enemies 

The enemies you fight have become a bit smarter. They are less likely to get stuck and will swarm you.

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Cultist Astronaut 65 MB
Oct 26, 2021

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