Cultist Astronaut: The Imposters' Ascent & New Features!

Greetings, space cultists! We're thrilled to announce an update for our free demo and the early Alpha of Cultist Astronaut!

You can play the free demo on Steam, and you can purchase the early alpha on Itch which includes all of the content we’ve created. You will also receive all future updates for free.

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Newly Redesigned Level: Excoria!

Previously known as Necrorock, or the Flayed level, Excoria offers players a more action packed journey as you dodge sawblades, goo pits, and Flayed cultists.

sawblade 2

Excoria, once a simple mining outpost, became the foundation of the Flayed Cult. As miners unearthed statues of a skinless deity, they were struck with the Rockskin disease, turning their skin to stone. In their search for relief, they found that shedding their hardened skin brought momentary respite and spiritual clarity. Thus, the Flayed Cult was born, centered around this act of purification. Led by the Flayed King, they believe in a prophecy: the return of the Great Skinless One who will cleanse the galaxy. Their rituals are intense, and their faith, unwavering.

In this level, you face off against the Razor Nun and her leader, the Flayed King. These are tough fights so make sure you collect as many souls as you can!

3 1

Introducing: The Imposters of Sludge Haven!

Your astral journey now brings you face-to-face with the Imposters on Planet Sludge Haven.

The story of these worm-like alien cultists is one of prosperity turned to desperation. Originally part of a thriving civilization, these beings lost their way, seeking meaning by impersonating others. Now, their once flourishing planet is a dumping ground for cosmic waste, and they scavenge for identities amidst the ruins. They are a testament to the dangerous allure of losing oneself to imitation. As you navigate through this maze of discarded debris and corpses, you'll understand the depth of their tragic tale.

tentacle attack

On Planet Sludge Haven, you will encounter the following enemies and new mechanics:

  • Crawhoppers: These aren’t your garden variety worms! Watch out as they jump in and out of the ground and traverse the screen.
  • Bodyhoppers: These worms possess corpses, adding an eerie twist to your gameplay.
  • Somebodies: Utilizing weapons like the Pipe and Junk Pistol assembled from detritus, these foes are crafty.
  • Flying Nobodies: Avoid detection from these flying enemies by hiding in shadows. Beware, for if you linger too long after being spotted, a monstrous tentacle may rise to greet you!

To beat this level, you must destroy Anybody and Everybody!


Upgraded Player Experience & Weapons:

  • Check out our refreshed Goat sprites and animations.
  • With five brand new weapons (Razor Bolter, Webber, Pyrocaster, Storm Cannon, and Grenade Launcher), you’re going to be a force to be reckoned with.
  • Power-up your weapons using our new ranking system. As you amass souls, your weapons evolve. But be cautious; death will cost you!


Delve Deeper with Lore & NPCs:

  • Hunt for the 14 newly added artifacts (7 per level) and uncover their lore descriptions.
  • Engage with NPCs in Excoria and Sludge Haven. They’re not just for show – they offer valuable information on the respective cults.


What Awaits Beyond the Stars?

We are hard at work developing a new level for "Cultist Astronaut" that introduces the "Compiler Cult". The Compilers are an advanced alien species dominated by the AI, Mother, on the machine-driven planet of Ordinata.

Thank you for your support!

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