Cultist Astronaut: Major Update v0.18.0!

We've added more levels, bosses, and traps for you to play with.

The game is also available on Steam for wishlists!

Also, you can come chat with us in our community discord. You can see the updates we make in real time or just chat with folks. You can join here!

The game is still in development. If you wish to support us, you can follow us here: 

Dialogue and Hub Levels 

Based on feedback from players, we decided to focus on adding story elements to our game. Our first step was to implement NPCs, dialogue, and hub levels. 

In between levels, you can visit hubs like the Town Outskirts and Town Center where non-hostile NPCs hang out. You can chat with them about the world, the cult, and local politics. There are characters like the Tourist who will give you helpful information about where to go next. Also, your demon gun will jump into conversations and respond to the characters. In this update, you can talk to a security guard, burger vendor, pots, and the tourist. 

The hub areas connect to other levels and some doors require specific keys to proceed. Once you have the key item, you can come back to the hub level to play a new level. 

Explore Tomb Town Streets

This new level for the Flayed Cult adds explosive hazards such as barrels, fire balls, and guided missiles. The streets are patrolled by various types of inhabitants such as cutter cops, decorticators, and security turrets. If you are not being sliced by a shuriken or saw blade, then you are most likely taking damage from rockets and fire balls. 

Meet Nancy Nuke, the future Mayor of Tomb Town!

Nancy Nuke is a faithful servant of the Flayed Cult and the major boss you must fight. She specializes in explosives and will attack you with grenades and guided missile attacks. Occasionally she will launch a swarm of missiles forcing you to double jump out of the way. 

Tell us if you can beat her! 

Enhanced World Map

The world map was reorganized to hold all 10 levels. While playing a level, you can exit to the world map at any time by pausing the game and using “Exit to Map”.

Obtain a High Score!

The game now tracks your best scores per level on the world map. You can view your high scores on the ship’s dashboard when selecting a level. The game currently tracks best time, lowest death count, highest soul score, and most damage dealt. 

You can race with us on our Discord!  

Thank you for the Support :)

Thank you for reading our article on our game! Cultist Astronaut is still in development. If you wish to support us, you can wishlist our game on Steam and chat with us on our Discord channel. You can also follow us here:


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Aug 24, 2022

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