Bush Bandits - Howl Awareness

Hello All, 

We have focused intensely on our AIs in the Flower Forest zone. Our goal is to create an systemic experience for our players to poke at and play with. We are very interested in setting up puzzles that players can solve in a variety of ways if they master the game's systems. 

One of our focuses for this stage is our colored based flower bushes known as the Bush Bandits. They have evolved in a series of complex behaviors that are dependent on several systems such as sight and sound. The players the ability to control these creatures by shape-shifting into the Flower Wolf and using his howl and color swapping abilities. 

In order to give the player more control, we had to address some problems with the AIs design and come up with a way for the player to interrupt the bandit. We solved this by using the Wolf's howl to notify friendly bandits. Basically, a red wolf can summon Red, Orange and Purple bandits. Secondary colors are weaker so a Orange wolf can only notify Orange bandits. You will see this primary vs secondary theme throughout this zone.

I hope you guys enjoyed this devlog. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. We will be releasing new updates to the game in the following months. For now, you can enjoy our early alpha.

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