Pre-Alpha Demo Update - Wolf Edition

Hey there everyone - we have released a new version of the pre-alpha demo! The version focuses on the wolf form. The wolf uses his scent abilities to track down objects or locations of interest. He can also dig up items and under walls!

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  • Wolf Area and Puzzle

    • Scent Trails

    • Scent Targets

    • Stone Flowers with Hidden Colors

    • Hedge Maze

    • Climbable Vine

  • New Wolf Abilities

    • Digging up items at dig spots

    • Digging under walls at dig spots.

  • Sword Swinging and Sheathing.

    • Swing with the LMB or the Y Button.

    • Sheathe by holding down the LMB or the Y Button.

  • Ability UI for the Hero, MAGBall, and Wolf.

    • It will switch between gamepad and keyboard controls.

  • The ‘A’ button wall at the beginning of the game now switches to the keyboard version when the controller is unplugged.

  • Revamped the Pause Menu

    • Now works with controller.

  • Improved the aesthetic of the menus.

  • Started working on collectibles for each form.


Morpheus Pre-Alpha Demo - August 23, 2017 75 MB
Aug 24, 2017

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